PT Military Trainer 48" w/Lycoming Dummy Engine N099

Scale: 1/8

Prop: 14x7

Channels: R/E/A/T

Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires

Wingspan: 48"

Airfoil Type: Clark Y

Wing Area: 636 sq in

Cowl: soft balsa


Designer: M.K. Bengtson

Weight:~ 62 oz

Spinner: N/A



Prototype By: Brian Allen


A Dummy Lycoming Engine included

  • Removable wing construction
  • Wing alignment is built into design
  • Scale dihedral with ailerons
  • Scale rib placement and airfoil
  • Lightweight front balsa sheeted former, stringer and keel fuselage construction

Power System: AXI 2826/10 power