40% Pitts Challenger 2 Specifications

Weight – From 14KG

Wing Span – 2.4 m

Length – 2.6m

Servos – 8 x 15kg Digital Servos

2 x Digital Servos for throttle and choak

Recommended Engine:- DA 100, DA120 , DLE120, ZDZ120, DA150

Kit Includes ( 40% Pitts Challenger 2 )

All Wooden parts professionally laser cut, All Sheeting

Phenolic Tubes

Main Undercarriage

Wheel Pants

Cowl, Canopy

Flying Wires

Control Horns

Clips and cleveses

Full Instructions

Aeronca  chief 11ac
scale                1/4
wingspan         2730mm
Fuselage         1600mm
weight              6.5 kilo
engine              Saito FA-80 Four Stroke Engine


PBY Catalina
wingspan        3965mm
Fuselage        2435mm
weight            22 kilo
Engine           2 x  26 ccm or electro


DC 3
scale                1/8
wingspan         3600mm
fuselage           2480mm
Weight             18 kilo
Engines           2 x 26 ccm   or electro


Stinson SR-9 reliant
Scale                 1:4
wingspan           2.8m
fuselage           1.86m
Moki 150 sternmotor


Ekw  C-3603  firefly
scale                1:5
wingspan         2.74m
fuselage          2.04m

Dornier Do-24 T
Scale             1:8
wi,gspan        3.36m
fuselage         2.74m
Electric propulsion

Dee Howard 500
scale               1:5
wingspan        3.78m
fuselage          3.14m
engine     2 radial 150ccm

Curtiss F11C-2 goshawk
scale               1:4
wi,ngspan       2.11m
fuselage         1.51m

XFY-1 pogo
Scale              1:4
wingspan        2m
fuselage          2.35m
VTOL electric contra propulsion