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SU 33 2x90mm edf

 The model has a duck functional areas independently operable and functional airbrake behind the cab. To drive the need 2x90mm fan. 



Technical info:

  • lenght  2000mm
  • wingspan 1380 mm.
  • flight weight between 7,5- 10 kg.

Kit includes parts of plywood, cabin, fiberglass inlet ducts.

Scale: 1/8

Wing Span: 49"

Spanwijdte 284 cm

Lengte 198 cm

Motor 35cc

XFY-1 pogo
Scale              1:4
wingspan        2m
fuselage          2.35m
VTOL electric contra propulsion

wingspan 2400mm

electric or benzine



svenson is back !!!!

all models will be availble in future , the vicomte and the westerly verry soon !!!

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