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L-39 Albatros edf version V2

Improved model of our first albatross, designed for propulsion 120 mm EDF, possibly for a combustion turbine thrust 80-120N. The model is based on very accurate 3D shape of the original. Slightly enlarged the area of the intake inlet by about 5%. Also, the output section is slightly adjusted for optimal efficiency of EDF. Skeleton model is a lightweight, intuitive building. 

Technical info:

L-39 Albatros 90mm edf

Build kit of L-39 Albatros, designed for 90mm edf. 


Technical info:

  • lenght   1850mm
  • wingspan 1380 mm.
  • flyight weight between 4,5-6kg.

Kit includes parts fo ply, cabin, laminated intakes, milled outlet nozzle XPS, milled tanks on end of the wings of xps.

L-39 Albatros turbine version

  Construction kit for building Albatros L39 with the proposed powered combustion turbine 80-120 N. The final model shape is very accurate, only the modified airfoil. The kit is made of poplar and birch plywood air. The model has a solid center wing box to store chassis mechanic behind the wing is split. Seated on aluminum tube. The skeleton model is very sophisticated, offering enough of support points for coating balsa. Construction is simple and fast.

Technical info:

Scale: 1/4

Wing Span: 63"

Picto of lavatory with man and woman

15cm x 15 cm

alsoo with other dimensions

Scale: 1/4

Wing Span: 73"

North amrecian B25 mitchel
Scale                 1:4
Wing span         4.54m
fuselage            3.56m
quik  tab lock construction
Electric propulsion

Lockheed P-3 orion
scale                1:10
wings span       2.7m
fuselage           3.4m
quick  tab lock construction
electric motored

PBY Catalina
wingspan        3965mm
Fuselage        2435mm
weight            22 kilo
Engine           2 x  26 ccm or electro


Scale: 1/8

Prop: 14x7

Channels: R/E/A/T

Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires

Wingspan: 48"

Airfoil Type: Clark Y

Wing Area: 636 sq in

Cowl: soft balsa


Designer: M.K. Bengtson

Weight:~ 62 oz

Spinner: N/A



Prototype By: Brian Allen