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wingspan 1500mm

2 electric engines

Ekw  C-3603  firefly
scale                1:5
wingspan         2.74m
fuselage          2.04m

Eurofighter 2000

The kit is designed with ease of construction, optional split wings in the area of the landing gears. Very light and solid construction. Overall, the model includes the construction simpler, it is a very good model. Designed for single EDF 120 mm, or combustion turbine 80N.


Technical info:

  • lenght  1800mm
  • wingspan 1300 mm.
  • flight weight between 7,5- 11 kg.

Kit includes parts of plywood, cabin, fiberglass intakes, exhaust laminate.

price is without schipping cost

F-18 Hornet 

Kit F-18 Hornet, designed to  one 120 mm ducted fan, or combustion turbine 80-120 N. Separating wings, EDF cover, battery door and canopy. 


Technical info:

  • lenght   2100mm
  • wingspan 1400 mm.
  • flight weight between 8-11kg.

Kit includes parts of ply, cabin, fiberglass intakes, fibreglas exhaust.


price is without schippingcost !!!

  • Specifications: FW-190
  • Scale: 1/4.6
  • Inches to the foot: 2.6" - 1'
  • Length: 76"
  • Weight: 28-34lbs
  • Wing loading: 48-60oz/sqft
  • Wing area: 1305 sq.in
  • Wing span: 90.5"
  • Wing incidence at root: +2 degrees
  • Stab incidence: +1 degree
  • Dihedral
  • Power: 62-80 cc gas
  • Washout at wing tip: 2 to 3 degrees built in with jig
  • Aileron throws


Scale: 1/12

Wing Span: 96"

  • Wing span: 92"
  •  OAL: 74.25"      
  •   Engine:   50-75 cc 
  •   Weight:  22 – 26 lbs  

IL - 28 2x90mm edf

The plane is the classic design of the cuts from 3 mm poplar plywood and balsa. It is designed for two 90 mm EDF. Separating wings in nacelles. 



Technical info:

  • lenght  2000mm
  • wingspan 2400 mm.
  • flight weight between 8 - 11 kg.

Kit included parts of plywood, cabin and some parts

L-39 Albatros 1:3.5

Albatross kit in scale 1: 3.5, designed for combustion turbine with a thrust of 160 to 220 N. It an enlarged our proven model Albatros. The design is of course completely new. Splitting the model into parts is seen in the images. The model can be supplied cockpit, pilots and landing gear. All made in the Czech Republic. Construction is already for experienced modellers, however, logic design leads to intuitive construction, parts, despite their large numbers are not interchangeable.

Technical info: