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Boeing 314 clipper
scale              1:11
wingspan       3.72m
fuselage         2.6m
quick tab lock construction
Electric propulsion

jet turbine trainer

Spanwijdte : 2,83 m.
Lengte : 3,0 m.
Startgewicht : max. 14 Kg (hopelijk !).

Scale: 1/4

Wing Span: 98"

Curtiss F11C-2 goshawk
scale               1:4
wi,ngspan       2.11m
fuselage         1.51m

Mirage 2000 V

Construction kit of Mirage 2000 V. Designed to edf 120 mm, or combustion turbine 80-120N. There is a single seater and two-seater versions. 


Technical info:

  • lenght   2000mm
  • wingspan 1300 mm.
  • flight weight between 8-12kg.

Kit includes parts of plywood, cabin, fiberglass intake.


price is without schippingcost !!

DC 3
scale                1/8
wingspan         3600mm
fuselage           2480mm
Weight             18 kilo
Engines           2 x 26 ccm   or electro


Dee Howard 500
scale               1:5
wingspan        3.78m
fuselage          3.14m
engine     2 radial 150ccm

Dornier Do-24 T
Scale             1:8
wi,gspan        3.36m
fuselage         2.74m
Electric propulsion